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 RMFTs As Mental Health Providers for Veterans Affairs Canada

Registered Marriage and Family Therapists have been approved as mental health providers by Medavie Blue Cross for Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) in those provinces where there is provincial regulation of the profession. Currently, RMFTs in Quebec are regulated and therefore are invited to register with Medavie Blue Cross as service providers. Ontario has passed legislation that provides regulation and is now in the process of creating a college in preparation for the law to come into effect. It is anticipated that in the next 18 months, full regulation will become a reality in Ontario and at that time, RMFTs in Ontario will be able to register with Medavie Blue Cross to provide service to VAC.

At this time, no other provincial governments have undertaken regulation of the profession, despite advocacy by provincial Divisions of the Canadian Association. This unfortunate situation leaves Veterans who live outside of Quebec and Ontario, unable to access the services of Registered Marriage and Family Therapists through Medavie Blue Cross. If you would like to add your support to the call for provincial governments to include Registered Marriage and Family Therapists as regulated mental health providers, please contact your provincial Association for Marriage and Family Therapy for information. A list can be found by clicking on the Across Canada tab at the left.

To view the official bulletin from Veterans Affairs Canada/Medavie Blue Cross, please click hereFrench.

To view the Benefit Grid Update for RMFT's click English or French.
Quebec RMFTs who wish to register with Medavie Blue Cross, may direct their inquiries to the regional Blue Cross office at 1-888-261-4033.

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